Designer, inventor, composer or illustrator…

Roi rather likes to call himself simply a "creator".


As a kid he liked creating his own magical world where nothing was impossible. This resulted in countless drawings on anything that could hold ink.*what frustrated a lot of schoolteachers. Later in his youth he started adding sound as one of his new building blocks. Although enjoying his selftaught ways to express himself, he felt the urge to add more elements to get closer to his goal. He later graduated as a graphic designer and finished a second study as an industrial designer at the Design Academy Eindhoven.


"My goal is to bring happiness by using multiple creative disciplines. This way you can create things that will trigger multiple senses at once and give the user a more intense and personal experience."


At the Design Academy he was noticed by its famous chairwoman and trendforecaster Lidewij Edelkoort for having the best shop-concept project. His idea was a store for designers without there being physical products sold but instead the designers would present their ideas and concepts behind the products to the consumer. He believed that this gave a deeper direct connection between consumer and product. Roi was asked to present this shop-concept to an undersecretary for subsidy. (which resulted in a donation for the Designhuis Eindhoven)

Other noticeable academy projects where:

• A totally new look on what shoes could be for Nike. His model ended up at the headquarters of nike (portland, USA) and was later shipped to the design-fair in France.

• During his internship at the avant-garde designers "Fredrikson Stallard" in London he was asked to join projects for Swarovski (his table centerpiece ended up in the Crystal Palace) and David Gills asked him to reorganize his gallery.


After graduating in 2008 he started his own design studio and focused mostly on graphic design and illustration. By the end of 2013, struggling to feed multiple creative passions, he radically changed his focus to mostly furniture and product design. Keeping his goal in mind; to combine creative methods that leads to products with more intense impact and will spread smiles!