Rebirth shirt is manufactured from recycled textiles which are already collected by various companies. But, due the lack of purpose, millions of pounds gets burned each year. This fabric will be used for making shirts with "conscious-feeding" texts. But thats not all! Over time; when your shirt is worn down, out of fashion or for any other reasons; you can find a new purpose for your old shirt. This way it will be saved from ending up in the bin.


The rebirth feature can be found printed inside these shirts. In this particulair example your shirt can be transformed into a shoppingbag by using its sewing pattern printed inside your shirt. It's a fun and easy way to show your awareness and create your sustainable shopping bag. While giving your old shirt a new life, you just killed the needs for plastic bags. Texts printed on the bag tell the story : from waste-material to your new shirt ... from shirt to shopping bag ....


This concept offers not only a practical solution to reduce waste (recycling material) but also plays with eco-awareness and at the same time offers a durable product. Rebirthshirt lives!